Xue, Fuzhong

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Name:Xue Fuzhong

Address:Epidemiology andbiostatistics,school of Public Health, Shandong University, Wenhua Xi Rood, No. 44, Jinan, China


Telephone: +86 0531-88380280

Fax: +86 0531-88380280


Citizenship:Chinese Citizen


I received my PhD inbiostatistics and epidemiology at Department ofepidemiology andbiostatistics,school of Public Health, Shandong University, China; andas Postdoctor inStatistical Genetics and Population Genetics inSchool of Life Science, Fudan University,Shanghai, China.My research focuses on the following areas:

(1) Developingstatisticalmethods ongeneticmapping ofcomplexdiseases, mainly on the gene- or region–based statistical methods forgenome-wide association study. methods for detecting gene-gene interaction and gene-gene co-association.

(2)Spatial genetics of human population, spatial epidemiology. mainly focus onThe spatial epidemiology of tuberculosis,hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), Hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) andHeating with platelet syndrome (HWPS); spatialgenetic structure of human populations and geneticboundariesusing spatial statistics.

(3) Health(or disease)risk appraisal, and statistical pattern recognition in Translational Medicine. The heavy burdens of cardiovascular diseaseand strokewere seen shifting from urban to rural areas in China. Without an assessment tool and method for accurate risk prediction, effective early detection and intervention becomes infeasible. Because Framingham model was designed many years ago in the United States, its limitation in study design, variable selection, and risk calculation makes it not suitable for predicting risks of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases among rural populations of China. Based on theMulticenter cohortand thelarge scalemulticenter longitudinal cohort in Shandong, China,following the principal of suitability and adaptability, we proposed to develop a new strategy of risk prediction using Bayesian hierarchical competing-risk modeling approach. This innovative strategy is able to accommodate data from multiple sources with different epidemiologic study designs (i.e., a multi-center cohort, a case-control study, and a stroke registry). By dividing lifespan into pre-stroke and post-stroke phases, within the framework of Bayesian hierarchical modeling with random-effects in describing the heterogeneity between sub-populations, we developed risk-competing models for predicting the risks of different types of stroke and those of their prognostic outcomes. The method

of Bayesian variable selection will be used in selecting significant predictors from a list of risk factors that are pre-categorized into sub-groups according to their cost and convenience in acquisition and clinical relevance. By developing a set of candidate models, each with distinctive combination of risk factors and baseline risk function estimates, the approach of Bayesian Model Averaging will be applied

to calculate averaged absolute risks, lifespan risks, and relative absolute risks to jointly describe risks of a target individual or community. By adopting this strategy, we aim to study the feasibility of developing the next-generation flexible, adaptable and suitable risk assessment methods and computing tools (instruments and computer software packages) to specifically serve varying needs of different rural populations in China. Accomplishment of this project will offer evidence in developing new methods and tools for effectively and adaptively predicting risks of not only stroke but other chronic diseases in rural area of China.

I have had extensive experience with training and mentoring. I have served as the PI onmany grantsabout geneticmapping ofcomplexdisease,spatial epidemiology and risk assessment of diseases. Through these grants we have successfully trained several young investigators most of whom are currently independently funded. Personally I have trained more than 25postgraduates and PhD trainees and most of whom remain in academic departments.


Sep 1992 - Aug 1996:BSc inpreventive medicine .Department of Epidemiology andbiostatistics,school of Public Health, Shandong University,, Shandong, China

Sep1996 - Aug 1999:Master of Medicine.Department of Epidemiology andbiostatistics,school of Public Health, Shandong University,, Shandong, China

Thesis:Study Onthe spatio-temporal mathematicalmodels ofdisease andtheir Application

Sep 2002- Aug2005:PhD inEpidemiology andBiostatistics.Department of Epidemiology andbiostatistics,school of Public Health, Shandong University, Shandong, China

Thesis:The study of heterogeneity theory and quantitative analysis methodofthe human population spatial genetic structure

Sep 2005– Mar 2008:Postdoctoral training inStatistical Genetics and Population Genetics.Department of human genetics,School of Life Science,Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Thesis: Study on spatial genetic structure of Chinese within GIS framework


Aug 1986– Jul 1996:Section Chiefat Dept. of Epidemiology Section, CDC of Pingyi county, Shandong, China.

Sep 1999- Aug 2004:Lecturer at Dept. of Epidemiology and Statistics, School of Public Health, Shandong University. Shandong, China

Sep 2004-Dec. 2010: Associate Director and Associate Professor at Dept. of Epidemiology and biostatistics, School of Public Health, Shandong University. Shandong, China

Oct. 2009-Nov 2010: Visiting scientist at MRC epidemiology unit, Cambridge University, UK

Oct. 2011-Mar. 2012: Visiting scientist at Division of biostatistics, University of California_Davis, USA

Jan 2008-present:Associate Dean of School of Public Health, Shandong University.Shandong, China

Jan 2010-present: Associate Director and Professor at Dept. of Epidemiology and biostatistics, School of Public Health, Shandong University. Shandong, China


StandingMember,Committee of Medical Statistics Education,Chinese Association of Health Informatics

Member, Committee of Medical Statistics,Theory and Methodology,Chinese Association of Health Informatics

Vice Chair, Committee ofClinical Epidemiology,Shandong Province

Vice Chair,Committee ofHealth Management,Shandong Province


2000“Study On the spatio-temporal mathematical models of disease and their Application” win The Award of “Excellent Master’s Dissertation”.

2005”The study of heterogeneity theory and quantitative analysis method of the human population spatial genetic structure” win The Award of “Excellent Doctor’s Dissertation”.

2009 the Study of spaceepidemiology and its application on the control ofhemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, win the third division of “science and progress prize ofShandong province”

2010 thetheoretic immune response rate prediction system ofMulti-epitope vaccine design and its control method , gain “the national invention patent”, 2010


(1) 81273177 (PI) ,Develop Appropriate Strategies and Methods for Effectively Predicting Risks of Stroke and Its Prognostic Outcomes among Rural population. 60.00CNY

(2) 31071155 (PI),01/2011– 01/2014 National Natural Science Foundation of China.The statistical inference method research of genome-wide regionalassociation analysis based on the desease phenotype view and latent variables theory. 31.00CNY

(3) 2007AA02Z312 (PI), 06/2007– 07/2010, National “863” Project of China. Study of Gene-gene(Gene-environment) Interaction and Heredity Interaction Network In Gene Mapping of Complex Disease and Exploiture of Corresponding Software System. 113.00CNY

(4) 2007CB512600 (Wang Zhenguo) (Co-l),01/2007– 12/2012, National “973” Project of China. Study of Essential Problems Corresponding To Theory of Chinese Herbal Nature. 50.00CNY

(5)30871392 (PI), 01/2009–01/2012, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Study onstatistical inference methods of interaction between whole genes based on kernel canonical correlationtheory. 30.00CNY

(6) 2005038128 (PI), 2005– 2007, Chinese Postdoctoral Science Fund. Geographic Information System Study of Chinese Population Fine Genetic Structure. 2.00CNY

(7) 30471489 (Wang Jiezhen) (Co-l), 2003– 2006, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Study of Geographical Epidemiological Mechanism of Haemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome In Small Ecological Areas.28.00CNY

(8) 30170527 (PI), 2002– 2005, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Study of Spatial Genetic Heterogeneity Theory and Quantitive Analysis Method. 24.00CNY

(9) 30070677 (Wang Jiezhen) (Co-l), National Natural Science Foundation of China. Study of Statistical Method in Geographical Epidemiology.14.00CNY

(10)30890034, 01/2009– 01/2013, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Genomic polymorphism in Chinese population and related studies of molecular markers,PI Project 3 (30890034-3):China (Han) population genetic structure and its impact on the analysis of complex disease association studies20.00CNY

(11) 2008BAI52B03 (Co-l),09/2008– 09/2011, National Science and Technology Support Program.Study ofearly warning indicatorsofMajor neuropsychiatric disorders and early warning system model development 80.00CNY


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